This is a basic base batter for gluten free, yeast free and dairy free pizza crust that I developed, since I stay away from all of those ingredients most of the time (It is also a versatile batter which i use for making things other than pizzas.. you’d be amazed! Stay tuned for the recipes). Delicious, light pizzas that don’t sit heavy on your stomach! Piece of cake to make, take not much time! It’s a no pre-bake pizza crust (a technique that i came up with while experimenting) but you need to watch my pizza toppings instruction videos (coming to you as i make the pizzas) for method and unique delicious ideas; i will be saving them in a Gluten Free Pizza Playlist. The measurements in this video make a personal sized pizza; for larger pizzas you may need to double or even triple the recipe depending on the CAKE pan (not a regular pizza pan) you are using. (flavors will include, Vegan: Potato & Rosemary pizza, Tomato Pizza, Spinach & Mushroom. Vegetarian: Potato-Zucchini-Mint & Goat Cheese pizza inspired my Cretan roots, Cheese & Tomato sauce pizza, Potato & Blue Cheese Pizza, Peppers-Onion-Mushroom and cheese pizza. Meat: Chicken Pesto Pizza). Most of these pizzas can easily be transformed into Breakfast pizzas!! These are pizzas i make for my household but if you think outside the box and with this crust as your base you can create amazing gourmet style pizzas and the best part, they are gluten free!! Hope you enjoy!!!

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