100% VEGAN! This veggie curry is straight up perfect! While it’s a coconut cream curry with potatoes, carrots and peas it no mean has a coconut taste (to my standards) but rather a full cream richness. I usually have use one can of coconut milk & 1 small can of tomato sauce (6 or 8 oz?). Since I only had tomato paste that still worked fine and I really didn’t need to add water. I’d say the minimum required spices would be 1 teaspoon each of cumin seeds & mustard seeds cooked in oil til the mustard seeds pop. Then add the two canned items and mix in 4 TB of coriander, some turmeric (at least 2 teaspoons and up to a couple tablespoons.). You can experiment with other spices like chili flakes, fenugreek, etc. This is the first time I only used half of the sauce on my veggies and it was good. All credit goes to Nada who showed me the basics for what this recipe is based on. https://www.instagram.com/VeganButLazy/


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