HOLY HELL! This is so good! This Rich Bitch was blown away a plate of vegan nachos (and i’m not even vegan). People with allergies you need to gather round and take some notes! This chz recipe is a game changer and can be made FAT FREE. Cheap, simple and made of all veggies! Below is a link to the website where I found this ALL VEGGIE chz recipe. I’ve made this 3 times in the last 2 weeks (including a potluck in the woods). I seriously am not anti dairy because it does taste awesome BUT I tend to avoid it 99.9% of the time for my skin health. This is a game changer for me. I avoid dairy and have to block out the thought of nachos and shit but not any more. More vegan cheese dishes to come! EAT with salsa, for real.

recipe credit: www.veggieonapenny.com/vegan-cheese/ https://www.instagram.com/VeganButLazy/


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